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                公司概况专业为您提供可靠、稳定的产品∑ 和全方位的专业服务

                 Company Profile 公司简介





                诗雨卫浴密切关注市场发展动态,始终致力于生产消费者满意的淋浴房,推动淋浴房亭业的发展,不断探索 未来卫浴空间的解决方案。


                Shi Yu sanitary ware Poem rain sanitary ware co.. LTD., located in the economically developed pearl river delta hinterland, the great man's hometown -zhongshan city, is a set product development, production, sales and service as one of Ihe high-end shower room is specialized in manufacturing enterprises.    

                Since the foundation of the company strictly implement the ISO international standards, unique design style, concise fashion, easy to install; Quality in the details,  fine quality, excellence: Business philosophy: honesty, sustainable management;   

                Shi Yu sanitary ware company adhering to Ihe people-oriented,quality, innovation, service first for Ihe purpose, its good development space and work environment have attracted a large number of high-qualily technology, management,marketing elite to join, laid the foundation for Ihe sustainable development of the company. Comprehensive import ERP production managemeni system, with strong r&d team. Ihe innovation design of non-standard ability, scientific production management, strict quality management and perfect after-sales service in Ihe industry establish a good corporate brand image.   

                Shi Yu sanitary ware pay close allention to market development,and always dedicated to the manufacturing customers Ihe mosl satisfactory shower room, promote the development of undertakings of shower room, continuously explore the space that defend bath solution in the future.